Table 2.

WD-XRF analytical conditions and list of reference samples used for calibration in the present study: instrumental parameters

Element lineLine energy (keV)X-ray tube (KV)X-ray tube (mA)Collimator (deg)DetectorAnalysing crystalPeak (2 Theta)Bkg (2Theta)Counting time (s) Peak+ Bkg
1Na Kα11.041301000.46FPCXS-5524.74327.34532
2Mg Kα11.253301000.46FPCXS-5520.53222.73532
3Al Kα11.487301000.23FPCPET144.623143.407; 146.64914
4Si Kα11.7430500.23FPCInSb144.558143.246; 146.65014
5P Kα12.014301000.46FPCGe140.989137.778; 143.09634
6K Kα13.31450500.46FPCLiF200136.679133.649; 139.27734
7Ca Kα13.69250500.23FPCLiF200113.103114.83932
8Ti Kα14.51150500.46FPCLiF20086.18184.635; 89.12034
9Mn Kα15.89950500.46SciLiF20062.98361.687; 65.70534
10Fe Kα16.40450500.23SciLiF22085.74586.92732

Common for all elements: X-ray Tube- Rh anode end window with 75 µm Be window, Path – Vacuum, Filter – None.

FPC, Flow proportional counter; Sci, Scintillation counter.