TableĀ 5.

Indicator-element associations in the Dashui gold deposit determined by different analyzed methods

Analyzed methodIndicator element AssociationsData source
Principle component analysisPC2: antipathetic associations of Ag-As-Au-Hg-Sb and Ba-F-K2O-RbThis work
PC6: antipathetic associations of As-Pb-Sc-Ta-U and Au-Co-Cu-F-Ni- Te
Cluster analysisCluster A: K2O-Rb-Cs-Ba-S-Bi-Hg-Te-Au-Ag-Se-Sb-AsThis work
Factor analysisF5: Au-Ag-Hg-TeThis work
Geological dataAu-As-Sb-Hg-TlMao et al. 2002

Elements in bold (great than or equal to 3 times as indicator element) are the main indicator elements, elements in italics (2 times as indicator element) are secondary indicator elements.