Table 2.

The summary statistics of 94 rock samples for Hg and 15 other elements, based on raw data

ElementsMeanMedianMaxMinStd. deviationVariance
Au, ppb28.4191451.528.8828
Ag, ppm0.040.380.
As, ppm2541522537.3356126 972
Ba, ppm42.625.83152.4353.42850
Be, ppm0.310.
Bi, ppm0.110.080.500.080.090.01
Cu, ppm24.215.81274.223.6559
Co, ppm42.828.63360.549.32434
Hg, ppm17728.710 5000.3646421 507
Mo, ppm2.31.2163.60.756.542.2
Ni, ppm7924715250984371 032
Pb, ppm13.03.951030.7518.4340
Sb, ppm9.68.1434.50.47.962.2
Sn, ppm0.410.371.400.370.150.02
W, ppm0.850.483.150.150.760.58
Zn, ppm61.531.