Table 3.

Ranked order of difference in average area proportion of generalised lithological groups with respect to the proportion covering catchment clusters 4, 6, and 9

RankGeneralised lithologiesDifference to average
Cluster 41Felsic intrusive rocks0.112
2Medium-grade metamorphic rocks0.088
3Felsic volcanic rocks0.042
5Mixture of mafic and felsic volcanic rocks0.000
6Basaltic rocks−0.005
7High-grade metamorphic rocks−0.026
8Sedimentary rocks−0.044
9Surficial or regolith units−0.176
Cluster 61Sedimentary rocks0.082
2Mixture of mafic and felsic volcanic rocks0.005
3Medium-grade metamorphic rocks0.002
5Surficial or regolith units−0.004
6Felsic volcanic rocks−0.010
7Felsic intrusive rocks−0.019
8Basaltic rocks−0.023
9High-grade metamorphic rocks−0.030
Cluster 91Felsic intrusive rocks0.087
2Sedimentary rocks0.080
3Basaltic rocks0.066
4Volcanoclastic sedimentary rocks0.004
5Felsic volcanic rocks0.003
6Mixture of mafic and felsic volcanic rocks−0.003
7Medium-grade metamorphic rocks−0.015
8High-grade metamorphic rocks−0.028
9Surficial or regolith units−0.191