Table 3

Pb isotope ratios of galena from the different mines.

Pb isotope ratios
sample # and name of the mine (see Fig. 1)206Pb/204Pb207Pb/204Pb208Pb/204Pb207Pb/206Pb208Pb/206Pb
G1 - Bou Jaber18.82715.77639.2380.837952.0841
G2 - Fedj El Adoum18.70615.67038.9030.837702.0797
G3 - Bou Aouane18.83615.69438.9050.833192.0655
G4 - Slata18.82615.76839.0780.837572.0757
G5 - Djebba18.91115.69638.8660.829992.0552
G6 - La Kouet18.73815.72338.8910.839102.0755
G7 - Bou Khil18.83115.74739.0500.836232.0737
G8 - Koudia Safra18.76115.62538.5920.832842.0570
G9 - Kebbouch18.87815.79439.1260.836642.0726
G10 - Fedy Assem18.83915.77439.0730.837312.0740
G11 - Oued Madem18.95515.74639.0920.830702.0624
Pb in Tunisian gasoline16.35115.49336.1350.947532.2100