Table 7

Selected historical sites of abandoned antimony and gold mines.

Location and historical siteMain ore type ofProductionYearsContents of metalloids inReference
Surface waterStream sedimentSoil
Sb (mg l−1)As (mg l−1)Sb (ppm)As (ppm)Sb (ppm)As (ppm)
Central Portugal
SarzedasSb559 t stibnite1936–1938<0.002–2.6<0.002–0.0212–84010–312–2160025–9300This paper
New South Wales, Australia
HillgroveSb>60 000 t stibniteSince 18770.47–1.80.013–0.28580–4640102–1490Ashley et al. (2003)
Au25 t Au
New Zealand
Globe HillAu13 t Au1870–19510.002–0.07200–600Ashley et al. (2006)
Endeavour InletSb3700 t Sb1874–19070.022–0.80.005–1.630–500030–15000Wilson et al. (2004); Ashley et al. (2006)
Southern France
BournacSb600 t Sb1908–19200.006–0.028Up to 0.04Casiot et al. (2007)
Sardinia, Italy
Sue SuergiuSb1880–1960 (mines)0.0001–0.0320.0001–0.031Cidu et al. (2008)
Corti RosasSb1882–1960 (foundry)
PopročSb238 200 t Sb1938–19654747–999372–56900Jankulár et al. (2008); and pers. comm.
Au1 t Au
  • –, not available; t, tons.