Table 3

Pearson correlation matrix for log-transformed trace element contents in soils and stream sediments samples from the Sarzedas area.

log Sblog Wlog Aslog Sblog Wlog As
log Sb1.0001.000
log W0.7261.0000.2381.000
log As0.6180.6411.0000.4100.2191.000
Stream sediment
log Felog Culog Znlog Sblog Pblog Aslog W
log Fe1.000
log Cu0.7901.000
log Zn0.5700.4901.000
log Sb−0.240−0.190−0.1901.000
log Pb0.010−0.0300.2900.5701.000
log As−0.100−0.090−0.0200.5300.2601.000
log W−0.180−0.1400.1500.5800.6600.2101.000